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If you’re not saying “wow”, “fabulous” and “you’re the best” to your professional liability wholesaler, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Take a peek below at what agents and brokers are saying about doing business with Chris Christian, then send a submission or three to Chris at chrisc at usrisk dot com to experience a Unique Broking experience.


Jeff E., Carlsbad, CA – Wow! You’re the best. This is why I always use you. (in response to analysis of coverage gaps in a prospect’s current E&O placement.)

Skip H., Nashville, TN – Nobody knows more about professional liability.

Steve P., Memphis, TN – Wow! To quote my daughter, you are the bomb.

Ginger H., Oceanside, CA — It is always good reading and I learn something with each issue! (regarding Knowledge Knuggets)

Tony M., Albuquerque, NM. – Fabulous job! Thank you so much for staying with this for so long when it looked so bleak. You will have fully earned every penny of your commission and your fee when we get this on the books.

Cindy G., Memphis, TN – I am so impressed with her that I will only be using Chris.

Caesar D., Irvine, CA – You’re the best at your craft!

Mary B., Albuquerque, NM – Have I mentioned lately that you’re the greatest?

Heidi G., Concord, CA – You are the BEST!

Deb C., Scottsdale, AZ – If you were within reach, I would hug you. This is great. (referring to terms including 1mm/2mm abuse limit as required by State on a rush quote)

Jeff W., Tempe, AZ — I am impressed with how quickly and efficiently you get things done.  You are becoming my go to person for non-standard markets.

Seth K., Irvine, CA – Thanks for the explanation. It always helps.

Stu W., Carlsbad, CA — I guess this is why I should have sent you the Sxxxxx policy before I bought it…Ok, lesson learned.

Gary C., Carlsbad, CA – Once again, you deliver!!!

Michelle, G., Salem, OR – You’re a rock star!

Beth F., Cherry Creek, CO — Thank you! You are my hero!

John M., San Diego, CA – You are awesome – don’t ya know!!

Andrew S., Chattanooga, TN – Okay, you’ve won me over with your Knowledge Knuggets.


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