Marketing Tools

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Here you will find many tools you can use to educate your prospects and clients, or to obtain quick indications on various lines of business.

Please feel free to request tools on any line of business you would like to pursue.  Claim examples, overview suitable for the layman’s consumption, indication worksheets and so on can all be created just for you, and in many cases customized with your agency information for your use in marketing campaigns.

Privacy Liability Resources — websites and other references to keep you up to date on privacy liability losses, litigation and legislation.

Checklist for Executive Protection Coverages — a handy checklist which will allow you to systematically and consistently review executive protection exposures and possible coverages with your insureds and prospects.  Use this for both new and renewal business!

Ready for Something REALLY Different? — an encapsulation of the features and benefits of doing business with Me.   Review this, and if you think we would be a fit and you like my approach, send business!

Recent Successes — a list of recently bound business to give you a feel for the types of business I help my agents write.

Management Liability Overview and Solicitation Flyer — a 30,000 foot view of D&O/Entity Coverage, and a one page flyer that will raise your insureds’ awareness and allow you to gather just enough information for me to provide an indication.  If you want this in Word format so you can place it on your own letterhead or reformat, please email me.

EPL Overview and Solicitation Flyer — a similar treatment of just Employment Practices Liability.

Fiduciary Liability Solicitation Flyer — a one page solicitation to raise your insureds’ awareness about their fiduciary liability exposures and to gather just enough information for me to provide an indication.

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