Re-defining the Role and Art of Broking

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I was listening to a motivational CD the other day, and the speaker said that in order to maintain your level of focus and dedication, your “why” must be bigger than your problems. 

I’ve known forever that my personal “why” is to help, save, raise, love and care for as many animals as humanly possible.  But what is my business “why”?  Hmmm.  It only took a moment for that to bubble to the top of my mind:

To re-define the role and art of wholesale broking in professional liability.

Those of you who do business with me, whether carrier or agent, know what I’m talking about.  At the risk of sounding disrespectful to the majority of my colleagues, I won’t go into detail here.  Suffice it to say that I bring a rare combination of technical know-how, respect for the process, intervention and value-added services to the mix.  If you want more detail, please email me separately.  As of now, I’m only one little fish in a very large pond of “normal” brokers and their “normal” broking activity.

So what will it take to do this re-defining?  I believe it will take a process where I can train brokers how to do business my way, and grow them in this rare mold.  That can happen if my book at US Risk gets big enough that I can hire more staff and eventually have my own sub-group, but I see that as a long, slow route.  I’ve offered US Risk to allow me to be the practice leader and teach our dedicated PL brokers.  No dice there yet.   There could be other ways it can happen.  I’m open to suggestions and opportunities to effect this vision.

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