Month – August 2008

Business Risk or Insurable Exposure?

Knowledge Knugget, 8/14/2008 Recently, I’ve been seeing increasing requests for coverage for activities that would not typically be considered professional services. Of course, with the growth of Miscellaneous E&O/Professional Liability beginning about 10 years ago, the line between “professional”, “errors and omissions”, and “uninsurable business risk” has become increasingly blurred. Here are some pointers for […]

What’s in a Name? Part 4

Knowledge Knugget, 8/7/2008 Continuing with our issues regarding DBAs of Insureds…. 4. Not only can the inclusion of DBAs in the Named Insured imply that those who are not listed would not be covered, there is also the question of operations conducted outside the DBAs, and in the legal entity’s own name. For example, if […]

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